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Overview / Dashboard

Your Client’s Online Business Dashboard


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Managing Your Website


Managing your Website has never been simpler



Use Site Wide Templates for a consistent look and feel across your site

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Start Blogging in just a few clicks



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Build a community with forums



Managing your forums is a breeze

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Use RSS to grow your audience beyond your site



Manage Multiple feeds from one central place

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Web Apps


Build searchable collections of "items" with a point-n-click approach



Completely customize your web apps to suit your needs

Get creative with your app design!

Use the built in search so people can search your web app items directly on your website

Let your customers add their own items from your website!

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Create events and manage attendance with Bookings



Keep a record of booking history in your central contact database

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Web Forms


Build as many forms as you need for your business



Save customer details directly from the form into your contact database

Create custom fields to ask those questions specific to your business

Create a personlized thank you note for the web form submission

In the contact database, we help you keep a history of each customer's submitted web forms

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Customer Management


Build stronger relationships using the built-in contact management database



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Customer Case Management


Keep a history of your customer interactions



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Products and Catalogues


Easily manage an online shop of any size



Sell Anything. Sell effectively. Sell with style

Drive traffic with targeted affiliate programs

Build in complete shipping and handling

Collect payments seamlessly and instantly

Customize tax codes for your country!

Create targeted discount programs or just have a sale with discount codes!

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Order Management


Centrally manage and fulfill customer orders without fuss



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Create powerful and effective email newsletters



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More effectively target your email campaigns



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Create Custom Reports


Find out exactly what you need to know about your customers



Select any detail you need

Get specific with a wide range of filters

Here's the results - you can export and tweak or just save the report and view again later

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Website Reports


What are your customers doing on your site?



Take a peek at who's surfing your site

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Email Marketing Reports


How effective is your email marketing?



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Advanced Customization


No more cookie-cutter checkouts!



You've got complete creative control over you online shop's appearance

Get creative with complete customization power